Employee Handbook

Get the secret to success with our HR policies & handbook.

Primacy Management Consultation Consulting, one of Dubai’s leading HR consulting and recruitment agencies, understands how much importance employee handbooks hold, both for employees and organizations. We help companies create and develop customized employee handbooks that align with their business principles and philosophies.

Creating Precise Employee Handbooks Is Our Forte

With several years of experience in HR consulting and recruitment, we at Primacy Management Consultation don’t just understand different industry verticals, but also their requirements and biggest challenges. Hence, we go the extra mile to custom make employee handbooks that not only speak your organization’s language but also become your firm’s extended identity.
The handbooks created by Primacy Management Consultation will incorporate all the things expected of the employees and vice versa. From organization rules, to procedures and policies, FAQs, and other significant information; every single aspect will be covered in the most understandable manner.
Apart from underlining the correct attitude and work ethics, the handbook will also feature resources that employees can utilize. While it will effortlessly
capture payment methods and incentive modules. At the same time, it will also make the employees feel truly valued.

Our Handbooks Cater To A Global Audience

Based in Dubai, Primacy Management Consultation knows how to serve the information that can easily cater to the cosmopolitan citizens of Emirates. Hence, our employee handbook services are available in English as well as Arabic language. So even if your organization’s major percentage of employees has Arabic as their primary language, we can craft the book in Arabic.
Our employee handbooks will set the foundations of a positive organizational culture while also subtly outlining responsibilities of the team members. As the employee expectations and business goals will be clearly stated, it will bring performance improvements across all the levels of the organization.
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