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Is the Job Description just a piece of paper?

Posted on: Thursday, 26 January 2017

Is the Job Description just a piece of paper?

The job description is like a "snapshot" that serves as a concise definition of a particular job function within a company. However, a well-written job description can serve a much broader purpose. A job description can provide several advantages for a company--and its employees.


Limit Legal Exposure

A job description can prevent hiring, promotion and dismissal decisions based on biased criteria, a legal advice portal. In hiring, following a job description can prevent the interviewer from asking illegal questions. For disciplinary actions or dismissal decisions, following a job description can protect the employer in the event of a lawsuit by a disgruntled employee or ex-employee. Holding employees responsible for job duties that are not in writing may also expose the company legally.


Serves As Outline for Hiring

A job description can serve as a drawing card for desirable, qualified candidates. The job description can emphasize the qualities the company is seeking, such as "takes decisive action" or "needs minimal supervision." The job description can also help with the interview process, by serving as a guideline for interview questions. By developing a similar set of questions for each candidate, employers can compare each prospective job seeker against the criteria included in the job description.


Evaluate Employee Performance

Employers can use a job description to evaluate the performance of each employee, Job descriptions can also determine how to make pay raise and promotion decisions. Employers can gauge employees' performance against the job description, and provide corrective guidance if an employee is performing at a sub-par level. Employers should avoid basing adverse performance evaluations on poor performance of tasks that are not clearly spelled out in a job description.


Provide training needs assessment:

When doing the performance appraisal and the line manager found a gap between the employee performance and the duties that he should perform, then this gap will till what the training that this employee should attend.


Career Management:

Per the performance appraisal also, it will be decided if this employee should be terminated, promoted, transferred or even changed his career totally.


Provide Clear Employee Expectations

New hires and newly promoted employees should receive a written job description so that they know exactly what the company expects of them. Working hours pay rates, specific duties and any overtime expectations allow employees to be productive from the beginning of their tenure on the job, its advised that employers should update the job description periodically, however, so that it reflects an accurate representation of an employee's actual duties.



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