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Structuring and Reviewing the Company Organizational Chart

An organization is a group of people who together work to achieve a common goal. In order to work together efficiently, the group must find the best way to organize the work that needs to be done in order to meet the goals of the organization. Organizational structure defines how tasks are divided, grouped, and coordinated in organizations. Every organization has a structure that clarifies the roles that organizational members perform, so that everyone understands their responsibilities to the group.

Companies use a diagram called an organizational chart that displays the structure of the organization, and also shows the relationships between organizational members and the ranks of all the positions in the organization.

The formal structure of an organization provides two important roles for organizational members. The structure of an organization clarifies roles for organizational members, so that each member knows what they are supposed to do and who they report to. The structure also dictates the amount of control an organizational member has regarding his job in the organization.

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