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Sourcing and Headhunting

What effect does the motivation and knowledge of your management staff have on the rest of your teams? What is your nominal yield on these highly skilled and experienced employees? Maybe it’s time to ignore job market liquidity and recruit the best candidates effortlessly.

Success never comes by accident and your microenvironment should not dictate to you when it is the right time to modify your business. It’s never too late to change; only inaction is failure when action is required. With over 48 years of experience Primacy Management Consultation can offer you an extensive portfolio of knowledge, skills and experience. Working with international companies we help them identify, attract, develop and retain high caliber individuals, from middle management to executive level. Contact us today to see what we can do for you.

When the client/ employer needs a specific profile of candidate, with particular set of skills, experience, or with particular industry or previous employer, Primacy Management Consultationwith its wide network, database and other tools will find and approach them direct and finalize the deal.