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Whether you are looking for legislative mandatory training, a refresher update, to up-skill as an individual or as an employer, your existing workforce, Primacy Management Consultation offers a wide range of personal and professional development training. We support candidates to un-lock their full potential to maximize their contribution in the workplace. Individual training is linked to work placements, providing not only the theory but practical support to complete the learning experience. All successful candidates receive certificates of attainment.

Primacy Management Consultationprides itself in its customer care and its accommodating attitude towards clients. This attitude to professionalism culminates in the increasing success as measured by certified examination results and job opportunities. The ultimate aim of PMC is to enhance the job prospects of the individual by learning new skills or improving existing ones.

Primacy Management Consultation caters for busy schedules and differing abilities thus providing a flexible approach to modern training needs. Training programmers may be developed and delivered within your local community or business organization.

Our training process comes through three main stages per the following:

Training Needs Analysis (TNA)

We sit with your top management, line managers, supervisors, and even the employees to study their real needs for training so the training will come with the best impact on the organization as well as the employees.

Training Program Customization

We are not copying the training materials from client to client or having a fixed contents for all organizations, but it defer per many factors such as, company industry, company size, country of the company, company culture, and also differ by the employees categories and designations.

The training could be conducted at the client premises or at outside place such as hotels or specialized training halls.

Follow up

Our relation with our clients is a continues relationship, comes from our feeling of commitment and responsibility of the training ROI, we not only conducting the training, but also we follow up the training impact on the employees performance and the clients operation output, through continues meeting with line managers and employees to measure how far the training conducted gives its desire impact.

For some training programs we repeat the course, and if needed, we are making some changes per the feedback received.

Some of Our Courses

      Soft Skills  Sales Management
·         Effective Communication ·         Negotiation Skills For Sales ·         Managing Teams
·         Time Management ·         Closing Sales ·         Change Management
·         Negotiation Skills ·         Basics of Selling Skills ·         Leadership Skills
·         Decision Making ·         Social Media Marketing ·         Team Building
·         Problem Solving ·         Presentation skills for sales ·         Managing Performance
·         Presentation Skills   ·         Time Management
·         Telephone Etiquette Health and Safety ·         Art of Delegation
·         Customer Services Skills ·         First Aid Finance
  ·         Employee Health & Safety Awareness ·         Finance For Non Finance

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