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Training & Development

Whether you are looking for legislative mandatory training, a refresher update, to up-skill as an individual or as an employer, your existing workforce, Primacy Management Consultation offers a wide range of personal and professional development training. We support candidates to un-lock their full potential to maximize their contribution in the workplace. Individual training is linked to work placements, providing not only the theory but practical support to complete the learning experience. All successful candidates receive certificates of attainment.

Primacy Management Consultationprides itself in its customer care and its accommodating attitude towards clients. This attitude to professionalism culminates in the increasing success as measured by certified examination results and job opportunities. The ultimate aim of PMC is to enhance the job prospects of the individual by learning new skills or improving existing ones.

Primacy Management Consultation caters for busy schedules and differing abilities thus providing a flexible approach to modern training needs. Training programmers may be developed and delivered within your local community or business organization.

Our training process comes through three main stages per the following:

Training Needs Analysis (TNA)

We sit with your top management, line managers, supervisors, and even the employees to study their real needs for training so the training will come with the best impact on the organization as well as the employees.

Training Program Customization

We are not copying the training materials from client to client or having a fixed contents for all organizations, but it defer per many factors such as, company industry, company size, country of the company, company culture, and also differ by the employees categories and designations.

The training could be conducted at the client premises or at outside place such as hotels or specialized training halls.

Follow up

Our relation with our clients is a continues relationship, comes from our feeling of commitment and responsibility of the training ROI, we not only conducting the training, but also we follow up the training impact on the employees performance and the clients operation output, through continues meeting with line managers and employees to measure how far the training conducted gives its desire impact.

For some training programs we repeat the course, and if needed, we are making some changes per the feedback received.

Some of Our Courses (119 Programs):

  SN Soft skills Duration    SN Finance & Accounting Duration   
  1 Effective Communication Skills Two Days   61 Finance for non-finance professionals Two Days  
  2 Presentation Design & Delivery Two Days   62 Budgeting & Cost Control for Non-Financial Professionals  Two Days  
  3 Win –Win Negotiation skills Two Days   63 Corporate Annual Reports Skills Two Days  
  4 Decision Making & Problem Solving  Two Days   64 International Accounting Standards (IAS)   Two Days  
  5 Customer Service Skills Two Days   65 CertIFR (Certificate International Financial Reporting Standards)  Two Days  
  6 Personal Empowerment & Effectiveness.  Two Days   66 Essentials of Banking Operations Two Days  
  7 Inter personal Communication Skills One Day   67 International Financial Reporting Standard (IFRS) Two Days  
  8 The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People  One Day   68 CMA Exam Preparation  Two Days  
  9 The Six Thinking Hats of Edward deBono  One Day   69 Financial Statement Analysis  Two Days  
  SN Management Duration    70 Introduction to Risk Based Audit  Two Days  
  10 Supervisory Skills  Two Days   71 CIA Exam Preparation Course in English / Arabic Two Days  
  11 Leading and Managing Change Two Days   72 CPA Exam Preparation Course  Two Days  
  12 Problem Solving & Decision Making  Two Days   73 Fundamentals of Finance and Accounting  Two Days  
  13 Leadership Skills  Two Days   74 CFE Exam Preparation Course Two Days  
  14 Managerial skills for new managers Two Days   75 Managerial Accounting Skills   Two Days  
  15 Time Management  One Day   76 Budgeting and Financial Forecasting Skills  Two Days  
  16 Strategic Thinking & Planning Two Days   77 Full Disclosure Financial Reporting Skills Two Days  
  17 Work Ethics & Code of Conduct  Two Days   78 Financial Risk Management Two Days  
  18 Modern Management Two Days   79 Fighting Financial Crimes Two Days  
  19 Stress Management Two Days   80 Fast Closing Monthly and Year End Accounts Two Days  
  20 Teambuilding Skills  One Day   81 Financial Accounting and Reporting Two Days  
  21 Warehouse & Inventory Control Management Two Days   82 Fundamentals of Islamic Banking Operations & Finance  Two Days  
  22 Transportation Management Two Days   83 Advanced Financial Planning  Two Days  
  23 Business Ethics Fundamentals  Two Days   84 Modern strategies in the rationalization of expenditures and the development of revenues Two Days  
  24 Art of Effective Delegation  Two Days   85 Risk Management and Financial Control Strategies Two Days  
  25 Effective Negotiation Skills Two Days   86 Managing and Organizing Accounts Payable Two Days  
  26 Corporate Governance, Risk Management & Internal Control.  Two Days   87 Financial Data Analysis  Two Days  
  27 Balanced Scorecards and Key Performance Indicators Two Days   88 Budget Preparation for Executive Decisions Two Days  
  28 Brainstorming Sessions Management and generating New Innovative Ideas Two Days   89 Costing Analysis for Strategic Decisions Two Days  
  29 Social Responsibility, sustainability & corporate communication  Two Days   90 Professional Financial Accountant (PFA) Two Days  
  30 Sustainable Development Two Days   91 Value Added Tax (VAT) Two Days  
  31 BSC, KPI, SWOT, Vision & Mission and Benchmarking  Two Days   92 Detection  of Fraud , Document Screening and Signature Forgery Two Days  
  32 Business Conduct and Etiquette Two Days   93 COSO Internal Control  Framework, Ethical Values and Fraud Examination Two Days  
  33 Managing Diversity Two Days   SN Administration Duration   
  SN Sales & Marketing  Duration    94 Business Writing and Reports Two Days  
  34 Selling skills: Tools & Techniques  Two Days   95 Efficient Administration skills  Two Days  
  35 Digital Marketing  Two Days   96 Executive Secretarial & Personal Assistant Skills Two Days  
  36 Client Relation Management CRM Two Days   97 Procurement Management Best Practices  Two Days  
  37 Digital Customer Service Two Days   98 Warehouse Management Two Days  
  38 Professional Sales / TeleSales Course Two Days   99 Supply Chain Management & Logistics Two Days  
  39 Setting performance objectives & individual KPIS Two Days   100 Import & Export and L/C’s in International Trade Two Days  
  40 Sales Forecasting One Day   101 Managing Change Effectively   One Day  
  41 Outsourcing & Fleet Management  Two Days   102 Procurement, Tenders & Contracts Management  Two Days  
  42 Social Media Marketing  Two Days   SN Health & Safety Duration   
  43 Building Marketing Competences  Two Days   103 Employee Health & Safety & Environment  One Day  
  44 Effective Marketing & Promotion Tools  Two Days   104 Covid -19 Precautions & Awarness One Day  
  45 Online Marketing for startups in UAE Two Days   SN Human Resources Duration   
  46 E-Commerce  Two Days   105 Human Resources Management Two Days  
  47 Brand & Event Management  Two Days   106 UAE Labor Law Two Days  
  48 Official Speaker  Two Days   107 Recruitment, Interviewing & Selection  Two Days  
  49 Digital Advertising & Planning Two Days   108 Talent Management Professional Two Days  
  50 e-Commerce & External Marketing Two Days   109 Compensation & Benefits  Two Days  
  51 Sales Development Workshop Two Days   110 Payroll Calculation  Two Days  
  52 Personal Selling Management Two Days   111 Train the Trainer: From Design to Delivery Two Days  
  53 Online Marketing Practical Workshop Two Days   112 Career Development & Succession Planning  Two Days  
  54 LinkedIn Practical Workshop Two Days   113 Workforce Planning & Budgeting  Two Days  
  55 Google Optimization methods Two Days   114 Employee Relations  Two Days  
  SN Personal Development Duration    115 Writing Effective Job Description & Specifications Two Days  
  56 Motivation- way to high performance Two Days   116 Performance Management Two Days  
  57 How to be a good employee  Two Days   117 Conflict Resolution Strategies AS Two Days  
  58 Personal Empowerment and effectiveness Two Days   SN Computer skills  Duration   
  59 Creativity & Innovation Skills Two Days   118 Excel skills  One Day  
  60 The Road to Happiness Two Days   119 Power Point Presentation skills  One Day  

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