Posted on: Thursday, 2 June 2016

The answer to this question is yes for some cases, all will agree if the police man did not wear his uniform, nobody can recognize, believe and trust him, unless he is doing a hidden and confidential  mission otherwise how the public will recognize him, also the doctor, the fireman, and the most important thing is the engineers and labors at their construction sites or factories, if they did not wear their helmets and safety jackets it may result in sever work accidents or killing themselves due to unfollow the safety rules, and dress code.   

Suppose we board into the airplane and we found the airhostess did not wearing her uniform!! What will be our imprison? Will we accept? Is it a normal view? I think it is totally against the industry etiquettes, everyone knows the tough competition in the airlines industry and the image of the staff considered one of the most important factors to the clients. The same can be also for the hotels and the tourism industry, may be also the healthcare industry, such as hospitals and clinics, in the latter case it is strongly instructed by the concerned health authorities.   

While on the other hand we can find in the back offices that are not in direct contact with the guests/ clients is not that much critical or important, but for some conglomerates, banks, and international companies the dress code is getting some interest or at least recommending the formal dress during the working hours, and following some dress codes.

Hence in some cases (such as the safety dress in construction and dangerous industries, civil defense, police officers, etc..), the dress/ uniform are so important and if not followed it may lead to sever loss or death, in this case it could be a reason for punishment, and if repeated it will lead to the dismissal, of course after formal warning letters, then the labor authorities will support the termination decision if taken by the employer.

In general the dress code is protecting both the employees and the employers and helping them achieving their organizations goals of getting the clients with their positive imprisons.

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