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What is the right job interview etiquette?

Posted on: Sunday, 7 December 2014

Here some interview tips from the experts to make the right interview impression from the word go. Know what to do from the moment you arrive at the company for your job interview. Present yourself positively and professionally every step of the way and you will impress as the right job candidate.

Your job interview actually begins in the parking lot of the company! Act professionally and calmly - someone could be observing you.

Be aware of how you come across while waiting in reception for your job interview. Display a positive attitude at all times.

Take these steps to make the right impression:

1. Turn off all electronics:

As you arrive for you job interview, turn off your phone. Now you are completely focused on the interview and at no point will you be interrupted by a ringing phone! Using iPod or fiddling with your phone while you wait for your interview is poor job interview etiquette and gives the impression of a lack of interest.

2. Greet the receptionist:

Free interview tips that help you to impress include greeting the receptionist politely and speaking confidently when you introduce yourself.

Explain your reason for being there and ask for the interviewer by name. You should arrive about ten minutes early; spend this time making friendly small talk with the receptionist.

You can gain some useful information about the company or interviewer as well as make a positive impression on the receptionist. You may be asked to complete some forms on arrival. Ensure you provide the correct information and complete all the requirements.

Interviewers may ask their assistants for an opinion of the candidate. Make sure you are professional and polite to any support staff. View each contact you make in the company as a part of your job interview process.

3. Greet the interviewer:

The first impression that the interviewer has of you is based on the way you greet him or her. Make sure you stand up, look directly at the interviewer and give a firm handshake, saying something along the lines of, "I am pleased to meet you, Mr. Jack." It is always valuable to use the interviewer's name; this is the start of building good rapport. 

Wait for the interviewer to give you the signal to sit down, either a hand gesture or when he or she sits down themselves.

4. Sit properly:

If you are sitting at a table, place your document folder on the table rather than keeping it on your lap. If you have a handbag, place this on the floor by your feet. It will get in the way on your lap or on the table.

If there is no table think carefully before accepting the offer of something to drink. You don't want to have to balance a cup of coffee or glass of water throughout the interview!

Once the actual job interview begins there are a number of practical free interview tips that can help you to perform successfully.

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